RunKeeper for Android Released

RunKeeper has been a huge hit in the iPhone community and today it has debuted for the Android.  RunKeeper for Android keeps track of how active you are in your day to day activities.  It will record various details like how far you have gone outdoors, how fast you move and it even keeps track of the calories you have burned.  This app is perfect for those who like to enjoy the outdoors while getting exercise.

RunKeeper for Android works with your phones built-in GPS to track each route that you travel.  It even has a handy ‘GPS Strength’ meter that will flash from green (good) to red (bad).  You start by choosing from a list of activities that range from running to riding in a wheelchair.  The activity screen features a timer, calorie tracker, a total miles traveled meter and a separate section so you can see your route on a map.  You can really see why this app has been popular for so long.

RunKeeper for Android is available now in Android Market.  The first version will be free with more updates coming and eventually a pro version will be released.  You can find a bunch of information on there website and also keep track of the giant Android phone running today’s Boston Marathon!

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