Official Twitter for Android App Released

It wasn’t that long ago when we found out Twitter was working on an official Android app.  It’s hard to believe that it would be available this soon but that is exactly the case.  Twitter has released its official Android app and it’s very impressive.

Twitter for Android has many of the same features as we see in similar Twitter applications but unlike the others it integrates more with your phone.  Just like the official Facebook application it syncs with your contacts so you can choose to add all your Twitter friends to address book.  Once they have been added you can quickly read their latest tweet and access their profile from your phonebook.  Twitter for Android also integrates with Google Talk and Google Maps so you can view where the tweets are coming from.  Twitter made it as easy as possible to access and share your tweets in a variety of ways

When you first open up Twitter for Android you’ll notice the animated homescreen that will show pop-ups of the hottest trending topics.  The animations are present on each page and add to the impressive user interface.  If you’re not a fan of the animated backgrounds you can shut them off on the settings page.

Twitter for Android will only work with devices running Android 2.1 and does not have a native retweet function.  It does need a little bit of work but overall it’s already one of the best Android applications out there.  You can download Twitter for Android by scanning the QR code on the right or by searching for it in the Android Market.

[via Twitter Blog]

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