Motorola Droid’s Android 2.1 Update Still In Limbo

Moto Droid Android 2.1 update

I know everyone is patiently waiting (some more that others) for the 2.1 update to the Motorola Droid. Well Motorola has updated their Facebook page regarding this update. Unfortunately there is no new news, it’s just the same ole’ story. Here’s the lastest update from Motorola:

“We know you guys are anxiously awaiting the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1. Ultimately, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience on your device; as a result, the rollout is taking longer than expected. Though we don’t have the new deployment date to share just yet, we do promise we are working to get you updated information and will relay it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. We appreciate it”

Well it’s better than nothing right?  Obviously they know people are anxious for the update so hopefully they will expedite this whole thing. Stay patient!

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