Instant File Access with Dropbox for Android

Popular online file sharing service Dropbox has launched a new application for Android phones.  The app which is also available for the iPad and iPhone is part of the new Dropbox Anywhere service.  Dropbox Anywhere gives mobile users the ability to access files securely no matter where they are.  This application allows you to view and share the files that are currently in your Dropbox from your Android phone.  It also allows you to upload your photos and videos and share them from your public Dropbox.

Dropbox has quickly become one of the best ways to manage and share you files online.  The addition of the Dropbox Anywhere mobile service and apps will change the way you handle your files.  In addition to the native Android app Dropbox also announced they have partnered with several popular applications that are compatible with their services.  They plan on releasing their API so developers can include their file syncing services into any application which is great news.  Dropbox for Android is available now in the Android Market.  You can grab it by scanning the QR code below.

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