Become a Mafia Don with iMobsters for Android

iMobsters is a huge massively multiplayer online game where mobsters run wild.  The game quickly shot up to #1 in the Apple iTunes store and now it’s available for the Android.  iMobsters has only been on the Android Market for a couple of weeks an already it has close to 250,000 downloads.  It also has a ton of active users who constantly look to recruit for their mob.

iMobsters for the Android is almost identical to the iPhone version.  The object of the game is to build yourself up from petty thief to Mafia Don by recruiting mobsters while fighting others.  iMobsters features an in-depth interface that lets you easily control all aspects of the game.  The game has an enormous community of over 1.6 million gamers and that number is quickly rising.  There are also tons of sites that let you share iMobsters codes to help build your mob.

iMobsters for the Android is free and highly addictive.  You can download the game by searching for iMobsters in the Android Market or by scanning the QR code on the left.

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