AppAware Updated with Twitter Features

AppAware the ultimate social market for the Android recently received a big update.  This update includes a new interface, updated logo and Twitter integration.  AppAware users can now decide to share their app updates on Twitter.  When you update AppAware for the first time it will ask you to login with your Twitter credentials.  If you choose to use this feature you can decide whether or not to share when you add, update or remove new apps from the Android Market.

AppAware is a great way to find new apps on the Market.  You can instantly see what people all over are downloading or narrow it down to the people closest to you.  In this latest version AppAware has updated their logo which makes it stand out more on your homescreen.  A new clean interface lets you easily navigate around to Live and Top views.  There is even an option to view all your installed applications.  This latest update makes an exceptional application even better and we highly recommend AppAware to all Android users.

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