App Review: Trapster


If you’ve never heard of Trapster is an Android app that lets you know where cops are sitting or where red light cameras are. Like many apps these days it’s a social driven Android app, so it relies on other Trapster users reporting things as they see them.

One of the great things about this app is that it alerts you through spoken messages such as “Live Police” or “Red Light Camera” as you approach them. This helps to keep the app a safe program so that you aren’t constantly looking at your phone.  You can even change the audible theme to people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This still doesn’t fix the safety issue of users that are reporting the police traps.

In order for this app to have value to you, there needs to be a large amount of users in your geographic area. If not, there will be very few if any police traps reported. Luckily, there are three million mobile users worldwide and 1 million+ traps in the database!

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