Android 2.1 Causing Blurry Images?

Most Motorola Droid owners should have received the official Android 2.1 update by now.  For the most part that is a good thing however there are some tiny issues that some are complaining about.  It looks as though images are somewhat blurry now and the image quality is as good as it was.  This is something Google is well aware of and they have issued a statement regarding the issue.

“The Gallery app in Android 2.0.1 is different from the Gallery app in Android 2.1. Google developed Gallery in Android 2.0.1, which uses 24-bit color rendered using 2D technology. On the other hand, Cooliris created Gallery in Android 2.1, which uses 16-bit textures rendered using 3D technology. We don’t have anything specific to share at this time regarding the Gallery app in future versions.”

So basically it comes down to the new Gallery app.  Yes it’s a great new feature but is it really worth it?  Most would say yes but that doesn’t mean Google gets off scotch free.  They will need to fix this in future versions because the image quality should be getting better not worse.

[via GearLog]

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